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Outsource To Bulgaria

Why should my company Outsource to Bulgaria?

  • The most competitive wages in EU
  • Highly skilled young population
  • Stable economy
  • Ease of doing business

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What services you can Outsource To Bulgaria

Software Development

Given our comprehensive experience in software engineering and project management, our company can be relied upon to deliver partial or full life-cycle projects on time and within budget. By outsourcing a portion of their development needs to Software Solutions, our customers gain a flexible and cost-effective resource enabling them to increase product ranges, decrease time to market, and significantly lower development costs.

Web Development services

Software Solutions offers a full range of on-line services. Whether you have yet to take your business on the web, or if you are looking to improve your existing business, Software Solutions provides the services to make it successful.

Support Services

Project support and maintenance are essential to enhance/modify features as necessary. We offer post project support and maintenance at affordable prices to make sure any of your extra needs would be seamlessly taken care of.

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